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September 28, 2006


Dale Hogan

This is beautiful. I am a neuroscientist that knits simple stuff - mostly scarves. I am truly blown away!

Mary Yaeger

Whoa. The brain art fodder page(s) have some of the best images I've seen. This site and the links are great resources for me; thanks. I'm looking for some good examples of brain activity illustrating mood disorders especially. I'm working on a crewel embroidery containing some references to Virginia Woolf.

I read what you wrote about knitting and actual brain development. Will you elaborate?

This would be a great design to work out in stop motion or flash. I'm scanning the crewel embroidery I'm working on about once a day, and plan to generate a motion graphic when it's completed. Maybe you could work out a similar document for another knitted piece? Since every brain is unique, another knitted brain would be just as fascinating.

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